13 November 2008

Chris Cornell + Timbaland = What The Fuck?!

Okay, it's been a week and a half and I'm ready to comment on the VERIZON WIRELESS presents Chris Cornell w/Timbaland at The Showbox Sodo presented by VERIZON WIRELESS. Did I mention VERIZON WIRELESS sponsored this. The wireless carrier, VERIZON WIRELESS didn't want you to forget who was the show's sponsor, with video screens, backdrops, excessive shoutouts from Timbaland's DJ... Commercialism at its worst.

As for the show - it sucked mightily. Timbaland clearly didn't connect with the audience (though he tried). He actually sang one more Soundgarden song than Cornell did (rattled off a verse from Black Hole Sun).

Cornell took the stage about a half hour late, where he commenced to play the yet-unreleased pile o'crap Timbaland-produced "Scream" album in its entirety. As this was an all-ages show, the stage curfew was midnight. That meant Chris could play only two songs after forcing the audience to hear his new album. Those two songs - not Soundgarden, not Audioslave, not Chris Cornell solo material. Two Temple of the Dog tracks.

I caught Cornell at the Paramount in Seattle last year. Long, amazing setlist.
I've Megauploaded a couple nice examples of that tour:

Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 8, 2007

02-Let Me Drown
04-Show Me How to Live
05-You Know My Name
06-No Such Thing
07-Be Yourself
08-Hunger Strike
10-Like a Stone
12-Arms Around Your Love
13-Black Hole Sun
14-What You Are
15-Rusty Cage
16-Can´t Change Me
17-Slaves and Bulldozers - Bela Lugosi's Dead - 4th of July - Whole Lotta Love

Berlin, Germany
May 20, 2007

03-Show Me How To Live
04-You Know My Name
05-Arms Around Your Love
06-Hunger Strike
07-What You Are
08-Rusty Cage
09-Be Yourself
11-I Am The Highway
12-Scar On The Sky
13-Can't Change Me
14-Wide Awake
15-Doesn't Remind Me
16-Billie Jean
17-Zero Chance
18-My Wave
19-Jesus Christ Pose
20-Black Hole Sun
21-Say Hello To Heaven

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