04 November 2008

Get out and vote, muddafukka!

Everyone I know likes to bitch about politics, about how the country is run. My first question for anyone who complains - "didja vote?". I don't care who the fuck you vote for - if you don't/didn't vote, kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP. You have no say. You don't get to comment. You don't count. I mean, yeah... I think you're a ree-tard if you voted for McCain, but at least you gave a fuck.

My favorite website this year and four years ago has been http://www.electoral-vote.com/ - they take all the recent polling data and put it on a pretty map.

Their final map of the year puts Obama over McCain, 353 electoral votes to 174. Four years ago, Kerry didn't get even close.

I'll be in front to the tube watching election results all evening. I hope to hell this is decided early. Daddy needs his beauty sleep.

Oh, and I voted for Obama.

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