03 November 2008

True Blood

When Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" went silent and the picture went black (Sopranos finale, dumbass), I rang up Comcast and cancelled HBO.

Well, that pay-cable mainstay has a new show that may just get me to re-up (rather than just snagging the torrent off The Pirate Bay the day after airing). It's called "True Blood".

It's a vampire drama set in Louisiana (no, not the Anne Rice pussified New Orleans vampires). Vampires have "come out of the coffin" and are a new ethnic minority. This things's all sex and hillbillies and bloodsuckers, tits and teeth, gore and bush, so to speak.

It stars Anna Paquin (Rogue from X-Men) and a cast of mostly unknowns (though Milton from Office Space does play a pretty pathetic dumpy middle-aged gay vampire).

Give it a viewing. It's about 9 episodes in now.

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